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Filidor Wiese

I code pixel-perfect applications for the web using the latest techniques, with emphasis on performance, usability and search-engine friendliness.
Filidor Wiese

Curriculum Vitae
Filidor Wiese

Freelance Fullstack Webdeveloper

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As a freelance fullstack webdeveloper I have been working on projects for various companies such as Schiphol Airport, Leaseplan, Fedex/TNT, Amsterdam Arena, Heineken and KLM Airlines. My passion is building pixel-perfect applications for the web, using the latest techniques and Javascript frameworks, with an emphasis on performance, usability and search-engine friendliness.

In the last few years, I’ve specialized in the development of single page applications for high-traffic websites. I've experience with unit/e2e testing, prototyping, developer tooling, continuous deployment, version control, user testing and system engineering. Besides that, I'm used to being part of a product team using Agile/Scrum methodology.

Next to my work as a developer I also own a web hosting company which grew from a single server setup into a substantial private cloud on self-maintained hardware. This has given me experience in all facets of the web, from networking, high-availability, server maintenance, dns, caching, mail, virtualization to building front-end user-interfaces for clients to manage their domains and services.

In my spare time I love challenging myself and diving into other technologies such as game development.

Expertise: OpenShift, Docker, Kafka, ElasticSearch, Typescript, Angular+, RxJs, NodeJs/Nest, CI/CD, Event Sourcing, Testing, Monitoring, Git, Scrum, Laravel Lumen, React/Next.js, Redux, Styled components, SEO, REST, ES6, React, Saga’s, Flow, Immutable, SSR, Node, Cypress, Jest, Enzyme, Travis, AWS, Three.js, WebGL, Shaders, GSAP, Sass, Inuit, HTML, Responsive, Javascript, Google Maps Api, Angularjs, Rxjs, Restful, Ionic, Selenium, Protractor, Zend Framework, Linux, Backbone, Cucumber, Mocha, Chai, Webdriver.io, CSS, Mustache, Cross-browser, Parallax, Sprite animation

Recent Projects

Schiphol Airport

At Schiphol Airport I've been working on an in-house application which is used to keep track of the current and ever-changing situation at the terminals. This interactive real-time dashboard is used by Schiphol Operations in several control-rooms to monitor luggage, planes and crowded areas in order to minimize disruptions and optimize the flow of passengers.

As a fullstack developer in one of the feature teams, I've implemented several features, such as a faceted search based on ElasticSearch and an interactive map of areas and corridors. Additionally, I've been focussing on maturing the tech-stack from a prototype to a mission-critical application that can be relied upon 24/7. To that end, I've played a major role in migrating the infrastructure from classic VM's to a cloud-native OpenShift platform and rewriting the codebase to use Kafka as the core for reliably stream-processing thousands of data events per minute.

  • Fullstack developer
  • August 2018 - October 2020
  • OpenShift, Docker, Kafka, ElasticSearch, Typescript, Angular+, RxJs, NodeJs/Nest, CI/CD, Event Sourcing, Testing, Monitoring, Git, Scrum

Smeerling Antiques

For this antiques store, I've written a multilingual webshop from scratch using React and Laravel Lumen. It's written as an isomorphic Single Page Application with a RESTful backend and a custom CMS to manage content, products and orders. The webshop works nicely on modern devices and is written to perform well for a global audience. Next to that, I've made it a personal challenge to optimize the codebase for search engines to the best of my abilities. Amongst others this includes highly optimized markup, multilingual sitemaps and structured data.

The design is by Arthur van 't Hoog, the 360° virtual tour by Rob Jansma.

  • Fullstack Developer
  • August 2018 - January 2019
  • Laravel Lumen, Docker, React/Next.js, Typescript, Redux, RxJs, Styled components, SEO, REST
  • smeerling-antiques.com


At Leaseplan I was part of a small cross-functional product team developing a new booking tool based on regular user testing. After a few months this project formed the basis for a large new department, called Leaseplan Digital, tasked with building a fresh new global platform from scratch for the different services offered throughout Europe. A vibrant work environment where testing, code reviews and pair programming was an important part of closely working together with dozens of developers in a single codebase. Later, in my role as Lead Developer, I’ve focused on code quality, team productivity and continuous development.

  • Lead Developer
  • February 2017 - February 2018
  • ES6, React, Redux, Saga’s, Flow, Immutable, SSR, Node, Cypress, Jest, Enzyme, Travis, AWS, Docker, Git, Scrum
  • leaseplan.com

Ministerie van Volksgezondheid

A campaign website for the Dutch government to bring more awareness about antibiotic resistance to health care providers. Using the webcam a user could grow a digital hand signature from bacteria. A large poster of this unique graphic would then be delivered to be hung on the wall of the practitioner. My involvement in the project included animating the signature and generating the poster image en masse using WebGL. Agency: Superhero Cheesecake


Gelredome, one of the largest stadiums and concert halls in the Netherlands was a relatively straight-forward, but nevertheless fun assignment to develop the front-end of. Some subtle animation effects gave the design a finishing touch. Agency: Bureau BlauwGeel

  • Front-end developer
  • September 2016
  • ES6, Sass, Inuit, HTML, Responsive
  • gelredome.nl

Museum of London

An online experience telling the story of the Great Fire of London in 1666. I technically adapted three historic hand-drawn maps from before and after the fire to exactly overlap the current map of the city. It entailed automated stretching, transforming and slicing the massive image files and visualizing them using the Google Maps Api. Agency: Logirix

Fedex / TNT Express

Starting in mid 2014, I was part of a small cross-functional team to create a new vision for TNT's shipping tool, mytnt and mobile app. After a couple of months of development and extensive user testing we've delivered a prototype that was well received by the company. In the months to follow, the team expanded into an entire new department. Our goal was to develop the best user experience possible for the TNT global platform. The booking tool I’ve helped to create is currently used in 50+ countries and 30+ languages.

  • Senior Front-end developer, Lead Front-end Chapter
  • July 2014 - July 2016
  • Angularjs, Rxjs, ES6, Restful, Ionic, Scrum, Git, Selenium, Protractor
  • tnt.com

Oni Hosting

The latest website of hosting company Oni. It features an open part where customers can order new domains, find general information and technical help articles about their web services. The closed part offers a custom build self-service interface where invoicing, domains, webspace, email, dns, ssl and databases can be fully managed. The website is build as a single page application in Angularjs, with Zend Framework for the Restful API's. Design: Arthur van 't Hoog

  • Fullstack developer
  • September 2015 - February 2016
  • Angularjs, Zend Framework, Restful, Docker, Linux
  • oni.nl

KLM Airlines

At KLM I started out in the Scrum team which was responsible for the homepage. A challenging project where diverse code from other teams had to come together. After that I’ve worked on the Travel Inspiration Finder, a visually pleasing online guide for travelers who are in the orientation phase of their next journey. It offers information about 600+ destinations in 30 languages, which a user can filter based on budget, temperature, interest, etc. The tool has been built with Backbone and was the first project in which I applied both unit and e2e testing to front-end code.

  • Senior Front-end developer
  • June 2013 - March 2014
  • Backbone, Restful, Selenium, Cucumber, Mocha, Chai, Webdriver.io, Scrum
  • klm.com


Mathijs Alderliesten (visual designer) and myself developed an animated, interactive map that a user could use to explore information about Heineken's brands and breweries world wide. This map helped to visualize the fact that they are “the world’s most international brewer”. The responsive and cross-browser requirements of the assignment made it a challenging but fun project. Agency: Jungle Minds

  • Front-end developer
  • December 2012 - February 2013
  • Javascript, CSS, HTML, Mustache, Responsive, Cross-browser

Amsterdam Arena

Jungle Minds asked me to develop the front-end for the largest stadium in the Netherlands, now called the Johan Cruyff Arena. The project entailed a difficult design at that time that needed to be responsive and cross-browser compatible from IE7 upwards. The back-end was done by GX software.

  • Front-end developer
  • August 2012 - January 2013
  • Javascript, CSS, HTML, Responsive
  • amsterdamarena.nl

Wildlife Los Angeles

After my personal website had won an Awwwards award in 2011, I was contacted by Wildlife, a Los Angeles based digital agency. They asked me to code an extraordinarily complex design they had made to showcase their work. The many parallax and sprite animations required sought to push the boundaries of what's possible in a web browser. I’ve had great fun working on this project, which won both a FWA and Awwwards award.

  • Front-end developer
  • April 2012 - June 2012
  • Javascript, Parallax, Sprite animation, Responsive
  • whois.wildlife.la

Technische Unie

The MijnTU project was the first that I participated in in a Scrum/Agile work environment, where several teams worked together on one of the largest web shops in Europe. As the front-end coder I collaborated closely with the back-end and visual design to turn the many static designs into functional, cross-browser templates.

  • Front-end developer
  • September 2011 - February 2012
  • Javascript, CSS, HTML
  • technischeunie.nl

Other projects

Earlier work include projects for various companies such as Gemeente Drenthe, Politie Groningen, USVA, NP3, Bevrijdingsfestival, Theater Peergroup, Vevida, Noorderzon, Four Corners, Kunstencentrum Groningen, and many others


2010Linux Professional Institute Certification – Exam 101
2009Zend Certified Engineer - PHP
1998-2002Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia, Hanzehogeschool Groningen, Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)


Honors and Awards

2013FWA - Site of the Day, https://whois.wildlife.la
2012Awwwards - Site of the Day, https://whois.wildlife.la
2011Awwwards - Site of the Day, https://galaxy.fili.nl
2002Klaas Dijkstra Academy award
2002René Coelho award